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DWI Defense Attorney

Drunk driving is a serious crime with potentially serious consequences. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.

Call on the Law Offices Ben Atwater. We understand the laws and procedures governing DUI/DWI offenses. We provide aggressive representation to protect the rights and interests of people accused of crimes.

Contact us today through e-mail or call us at 919 663 2850 to schedule a confidential consultation with lawyer Ben Atwater. We provide free case evaluations for DUI/DWI cases.

When you come to our offices, we will take the time to listen to you. We will begin with a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding your arrest. We will examine the conduct of police officers to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated. Throughout your representation we will fight to protect you and to ensure that the state meets its obligations and burdens.

The consequences for a drunk driving conviction can be very serious, and the consequences become increasingly severe for repeat offenders. The best way to avoid these consequences is to avoid the conviction. If you have been charged with a DUI or other crime, come to the Law Offices of Ben Atwater. Contact us today to for your free consultation.

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